Royal Crest Flat Woven Kitchen Towels 20"x28" - 2 CT

Royal Crest Size 20"x28" Flat Woven Kitchen Towels. Lifestyle by Royal Crest. A set of two, 100% flat-woven cotton towels, these hardworking (tea) towels are great cooking tools which can also be used for drying dishes and cleaning up spills. A versatile towel with many additional uses such as squeezing out excess water from greens and vegetables before cooking or as a dish mat to place your cookware or glassware out to dry. These towels get softer and thirstier even after multiple washings. Royal Crest, kitchen towels. Royal Crest, pot holder. Mix & match. This package and package design are fully protected by copyright. Infringements will be prosecuted. 100% cotton.