Prime 6 Charcoal

Premium sustainable charcoal for the finest grilling experience. This pack is equivalent to a 30 lb bag. Will last up to 7 uses. Sustainable. 100% natural hardwood sawdust. Burning capacity 4-8 hours. No smoke. Self consuming - close to zero ash. No fuels, additives, binders or chemicals. Even heat distribution. No spark. 9 lbs = 30 lbs. This pack is equivalent to a 30 lb bag. Prime 6 introduces the next generation of supreme grilling and outdoor lifestyle. We manufacture premium sustainable products for the greater good of people and planet and are proud to help cook great food and do good for the environment. We are eco-conscious and 100% sustainable. Our charcoal is made of repurpsoed sawdust and by doing so we cleanup the planet from waste and save American trees. Our unique process results in charcoal that burns 4 to 8 hours (Sometimes longer) without smoke and produces intense heat. On top of that, there is no messy cleanup, Prime 6 is self consuming leaving the grill with close to zero ash. Completely natural without nasty fuels or additives. Prime 6 enhances flavors, give a beautiful char crust to your meat and elevates grilling experience. Grilling with Prime 6 is an absolute delight, where more time spent with friends and family instead of replenishing the grill. Lightning Methods: chimney starter; pagoda style; pyramid style. (hashtag)grillresponsibly. (at)prime6charcoal. Made in Vietnam.