Nicorette Stop Smoking Aid, Gum, 4 mg, Original, Starter Kit

Nicotine Polacrilex Gum. Starter Kit Includes: Stop smoking plan with User's Guide and Audio tape. 4mg For those who smoke 25 or more cigarettes a day. If you smoke less than 25 cigarettes; use Nicorette 2mg. Chew activated release. To Increase Your Success in Quitting: 1. You must be motivated to quit. 2. Use Enough - Chew at least 9 pieces of Nicorette per day during the first six weeks. 3. Use Long Enough - Use Nicorette for the full 12 weeks. 4. Use with a support program as directed in the enclosed User's Guide. Not for sale to those under 18 years of age; Proof of age required; Not for sale in vending machines or from any source where proof of age cannot be verified.