Natural Harmony Anti-Itch/Antiseptic Creme

Natural Harmony stops all kinds of itching fast as it provides anti-bacterial action to help kill germs that can cause infection. Unlike ordinary anti-itch formulas, Natural Harmony is enriched with natural oatmeal, herbs and botanicals. For centuries, herbs were sought after for their special properties. It's hypoallergenic, steroid-free and contains no dyes gentle enough for sensitive skin. Only Natural Harmony combines oatmeal with the soothing essence of these herbs and botanicals. Tea tree extract - A delicate oil derived from the myrtle tree. Arnica - Derived from the arnica flower, a meadow plant. Rosemary - From the rosemary plant as an essential oil. Aloe moisturizer, combines with vitamins E,A & D, makes it the complete skin care Creme for itchy, irritated skin.