Dr Scholls Relief Insoles, Men's, Size 8-12, Trim to Fit

Designed to evenly distribute pressure on the bottoms of the feet and to reduce arthritis pain in the foot, ankle, knee, hip and back. Tested among arthritis and diabetes sufferers. Daily life can be tough on people's feet - the natural act of walking can lead to pain and discomfort by the end of a long day. This can be worse for individuals who have special footcare concerns, such as those with diabetes, arthritis or other conditions. Now there's an insole that can help with the more challenging and persistent footcare problems. Dr. School's Relief Soles offer a variety of features that can lessen the burdens placed on your feet by daily activity. They've been designed to evenly distribute the pressure on your feet, as well as to provide excellent cushioning, shock absorption and stability. The result is less pressure, better localized circulation, and less arthritis pain in your feet, ankles, hips and back. Deep Foot Cradle: Stabilizes and supports the foot. Deep cushioning for extra shock absorption. Flexible Arch supports the midfoot. Dual Layer SensiCare Foam: Top layer molds to the foot. Bottom Layer absorbs shock and provides resilient cushioning. Dual Layer SensiCare Foam: Top layer molds to the bottom of the foot to more evenly distribute pressure and promote better localized circulation. Bottom layer absorbs shock and provides resilient cushioning. Stabilizing, Flexible Arch: Supports and cushions the midfoot to help relieve pain by providing cushioning arch support. Deep, Cushioned Heel Area: Designed to stabilize joints in the foot. Relieves the pain-inducing shock of heel impact.