Gortons Go Saucy! Pollock Tenders, Wild-Caught

With sweet chili sauce. Crispy, wild-caught, hand-cut Pollock with sweet, tangy coconut chili sauce. New! Trusted since 1849. Dip, toss or glaze - you decide how to flavor up! Sauce included! Includes two 1.75 oz sauce pouches. Questions? Comments? We value your feedback. Call 1-800-222-6846 (Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 6:00 pm ET) or visit www.gortons.com. (Please save this package for reference). Chef-Inspired Seafood: Gorton's is committed to providing real, delicious seafood that you can feel good about. Enjoy our wide variety of easy gourmet options that make everyday meals more special. Sauce it three ways! Dip it! Go quick and easy by pouring the sauce into a dipping dish. Perfect for sharing and customizing the amount of bold flavor with each bite. Toss it! Go bold by pouring the sauce into a bowl and tossing together with the cooked tenders until they're well coated. Try adding freshly ground pepper or Sriracha for an extra kick. Glaze it! Go for a milder, baked-in flavor by brushing the sauce onto the tenders partway through cooking - right after you flip them at 12 minutes. Use extra sauce as a dip or for any sides, such as veggies or rice. For great meal ideas and special offers, visit gortons.com or facebook.com/gortonsseafood. Trusted Catch. Sourced responsibly. Sustainably Sourced: Gorton's leads the industry in providing safe, high quality, responsibly sourced seafood. For more information visit www.Gortons.com/sustainability. 100% wild-caught pollock. Golden breadcrumbs. Chili sauce. Real fish, quality ingredients. 110 mg of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids per serving. Gorton's tests to ensure strict compliance with both Gorton's and Government quality and safety standards including those for mercury.