Cycle Lite Dog Food for Less Active or Overweight Adult Dogs

Better fitness for life. Custom nutrition makes a difference. Cycle has always been dedicated to helping you simply and confidently satisfy your dog's nutritional needs throughout life. Designed by leading pet nutritionists, Cycle has a Custom Fitness formula to promote strength, energy, health and vitality. Each formula is customized to care for the specific fitness needs at each stage of life. Cycle can help you make a difference in your dog's life. Choose the formula that is right for your dog and give him the benefits of Custom Fitness: Strong muscles, vitality, bright eyes, shiny coat and a healthy, full life. Cycle's canned and dry products are uniquely formulated to complement each other and provide the right nutrition imbalances that may be caused by improper mixing. From time to time, each of us needs a little help achieving and maintaining our ideal weight. Because your dog may need to get in shape, there is Cycle Lite. Uniquely designed to reduce fat and promote good muscle tone, Cycle Lite is the right choice to do the best for the life of your dog. 100% complete and custom nutrition designed for weight management - Everything your dog needs to achieve and maintain his ideal weight. Fortified with multi-vitamins and potassium. No added salt - Helps maintain dog's strength ad energy during weight management. Basted and baked in natural flavors - Your dog will enjoy the taste of Cycle Lite. Animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures substantiate that Cycle Lite Dry provides complete and balanced nutrition for maintenance.